Beginner and Preschool Online Reading Practice: Mastering the Long Sound /e/ with Fast Reading


Reading is one of the most important skills that a child can develop. It opens up worlds of imagination, knowledge, and critical thinking. As a parent or guardian, it is vital to cultivate your child’s love for reading from a young age. One of the ways to improve your child’s reading skills is by practicing with materials that focus on a specific sound. In this article, we will explore how teaching the long sound /e/ can improve your child’s reading skills and some resources to help practice this sound.

Mastering the Long Sound /e/ with Fast Reading:

The long sound /e/ is one of the five vowel sounds in English. It is commonly represented by the letter ‘e’ or ‘ee.’ Some words that have the long sound /e/ are me, bee, tree, and see. Learning to recognize and read words with the long sound /e/ is essential for beginner and preschool children. Parents and guardians can help their children by practicing with resources that focus on this sound.

Free Worksheets and Exercises for Children to Improve Their Reading Skills:

There are many free resources available online that can help children improve their reading skills. One of these resources is free worksheets and exercises that focus on the long sound /e/. These resources provide children with the opportunity to practice reading words and sentences that contain the long sound /e/. Some websites that offer free worksheets and exercises are, K5 Learning, and Super Teacher Worksheets.

Reading Program That Teaches Children to Read in Just 12 Weeks:

Another resource that can help children improve their reading skills is a reading program. One of the most popular reading programs is Reading Eggs. Reading Eggs is a program that teaches children to read in just 12 weeks. It uses a combination of interactive activities, games, animations, and videos to teach children to read. This program focuses on teaching children phonics, a method of teaching children to read by showing them how to sound out words.

Drawing Book with 74 Tutorials for Kids to Learn How to Draw:

Drawing is not only a fun activity for children but also a great way to improve their fine motor skills and creativity. Drawing also helps children to improve their focus and attention to detail. A drawing book with tutorials is an excellent resource for children who want to learn how to draw. It provides children with step-by-step instructions to draw different things. One book that offers 74 tutorials is How to Draw For Kids: A Fun and Easy Step by Step Drawing Book!

Miracle Sound That Can Help Babies Sleep Instantly:

For parents and guardians of infants, finding ways to help them sleep is always a challenge. One resource that has been gaining popularity is the miracle sound that can help babies sleep instantly. The sound is a white noise sound that creates a calming and soothing effect on babies. Some parents swear by this sound and use it regularly to help their babies sleep better.

Free Training on How to Make Money on YouTube Without Recording Videos:

For parents and guardians who are interested in making money online, YouTube is a popular platform. But, recording videos can be intimidating for some. The good news is that there are ways to make money on YouTube without recording videos. There are many free resources available online that provide training on how to make money on YouTube without recording videos. These resources teach people how to create and edit videos using free tools.

Facebook Page with Resources on Reading, Phonics, Grammar, Science, Math, and Bible Verses:

Social media is a great way to connect with like-minded people and access valuable resources. If you are looking for a Facebook page with resources on reading, phonics, grammar, science, math, and Bible verses, look no further than the Teach Your Child to Read Facebook page. This page provides parents and guardians with free resources to help their children improve their reading skills and excel in other areas of learning.

Resources to Practice Long and Short Vowel Sounds, Sentences, Spelling, and Reading Comprehension:

There are many resources available online that can help children practice long and short vowel sounds, sentences, spelling, and reading comprehension. Some websites that offer these resources are Starfall, PBS Kids, and ABCya. These resources provide children with interactive activities, games, and exercises that can help them improve their reading skills.

Encouragement to Like and Subscribe to Receive More Uploaded Videos:

Finally, one encouragement for anyone looking to improve their child’s reading skills or learn other valuable skills is to like and subscribe to receive more uploaded videos. Many individuals and channels on social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook offer valuable resources that can help improve reading, language, and other skills. By liking and subscribing, you can receive regular updates and notifications on new uploads.


Teaching your child to read is a critical investment in their future. By focusing on specific sounds like the long sound /e/, you can help them improve their reading skills and advance their learning. There are many resources available online, from free worksheets, drawing books, reading programs, and even social media pages for parents and guardians to access. By utilizing these resources and staying connected to valuable channels and individuals, you can help your children learn and grow to become knowledgeable and successful adults.