Children Learning Reading vs Reading Head Start Review

Children Learning Reading vs Reading Head Start Review

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Parenthood is challenging on its own, let alone taking the steps to teach your child to read. As a teacher, I can confidently say that a child’s reading skills are early predictors of their academic success in the future. Teaching your child to read isn’t a step you have to take on your own, there are plenty of resources and products out there to help you.

The most popular products to help you teach your child to read are, “Children Learning Reading” and “Reading Head Start”, read on for a review of both to determine which product is best for your child and their academic success!

Children Learning Reading Review:
“Children Learning Reading” was created by Jim Yang, and is a detailed 12-week course that targets young readers, ages 2 to 6, and their reading capabilities. This e-book program is divided into 2 stages, each with a “Children Learning Reading” pdf, and then broken down further into 50 lessons which parents and children can complete at their own pace.

The early content is heavily focused on creating phonetic awareness in your child, transitioning to different letter-sound combinations, learning new words, and the sounds they make.

Reading Head Start Review:

“Reading Head Start” was created by Sarah Shepard, a fellow teacher, who wanted a product to help her child improve their reading skills. Once she began, she realized she could help children under the age of 2, to over 9 years old with this program. “Reading Head Start” is a digital program completely different from any other source or school board syllabus. All information used and provided in this program are scientifically verified and 100% effective.

Even though there are tons of reading programs currently available on the market, in my opinion, “Reading Head Start” is the program to buy. It is such a unique program with techniques not even being used in schools, it works within 30 days of usage and boosts your child’s skills and confidence towards reading. Click the link below to see how Sarah Shepard, a fellow teacher, has taught over 35,000 children how to read with guaranteed fast results, using her program Reading Head Start!

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