Co-Author Trains a Parent How to Teach Lesson 1 of Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Tasks one of lesson one introduces the Sounds mm be sure to hold each sound for At least three seconds and preferably Five seconds when you say the sound you Actually touch right on this pretend Like it’s a button you push and that Makes the sound sound okay and same Thing for the other sound you’ll put Your finger here to start with and then You move over to this button and you Press it and that’s how long you’re Going to say it as long as you touch Under it okay so I’ll be the parent Teaching and you be the child and you Respond when I teach okay here we go I’m Going to touch under the sound and say The sound Your turn to say the sound when I touch Under it Get ready good job again Get ready well you really said good for You Now I’m going to touch under this sound And say the sound your turn to say the Sound when I touch under it get ready [Music] Exactly right very good again Get ready yes good job saying the sound [Music] Task two of lesson one teaches the child How to say it fam this exercise helps The child recognize words now you’re Going to be your child and I’ll be you I’ll be the parent I’m going to read the

Words that are read in the book I’m Going to do what it tells me to do in Black and your child will answer in the Quotation marks okay Let’s play say it fast my turn motor Boat Say it fast motor boat oh yeah I can Really say it fast can’t i okay now it’s Your turn wait until I tell you to say It fast motor boat say it fast Motor boat oh you’re good at saying that Fast good new word listen ice cream say It fast Ice cream yes ice cream now look at me You know find those answers in the book You’re listening to me okay new word Listen sis tur say it fast sister yes Sister New word listen ham burger Sat fast Hamburger yes hamburger good job New word this can be tough listen [Music] Me Sat fast me Sant really fast me There ya go that was fast let’s do that One again listen em say it fast me yes Me that’s right that’s fast New word listen if Sat fast yes yes If boy you are so good at saying it fast Alrighty now I did a correction just Like you were a child the way I would do It so if the child doesn’t say the word As you would pronounce the word fast Then you do the correction the Correction is written in the book for

You I didn’t say you didn’t say it fast I just said here’s how you say it ok or I said I’m a little bit faster Task 3 of lesson 1 teaches children to Say the sounds sing the sounds in one Breath making sure not to stop between Them so I’m going to be the parent now And you be the tap ok here we go I’m going to say some words slowly Without stopping and then you’ll say Them with me first I’ll say am slowly Listen Now I’ll say me slowly listen Me now I’ll say in slowly listen Now I’ll say she slowly listen she see How I do I just do it all in one big Breath okay now if you were really the Child you wouldn’t be looking at the Book you’d be looking right at me Okay okay now it’s your turn to say the Words slowly with me take a deep breath And we’ll say look at me take a deep Breath and we’ll say [Music] Get ready good boy that was good saying It without stopping okay now we’ll say In get ready and now we’ll say on get Ready good singing those sounds okay now It’s your turn to say the words slowly By yourself say Get ready Beautiful okay now say If get ready Wow you can sing those sounds now say

Me get ready Wow are you good saying those words Slowly okay task four of Lesson one is a Sounds review similar to task 1 let’s do The sounds again see if you remember Them get ready Good saying mmm good Get ready yes and you said it as long as I touched under it ok very good task 5 Of lesson 1 is another say it fast ok Let’s say it fast again Listen motor cycle say it fast Motorcycle good job mm II say it fast Me good if say it fast if ok she say it Fast She good job Lesson 1 concludes with task 6 sounds Writing the child traces the sound you Have written and then writes them him or Herself you’re going to write the sounds That I write you’re going to write a Sound on each line I’ll show you how to Make the sound then you’ll write each Sound here’s the first sound you’re Going to write here’s how you make mmm Watch and then you’ll write a straight Line down and then you’ll do the curve Curve like that add on the humps and Then you’ll ask the child what sound yes Hmm First you’re going to trace the mmm that I made then you’re going to make more of Them on the line all right and then you Have them write all of those and then

You might want to make a whole nother Line because you’re going to write also So here’s what it says here here’s how To make and you very carefully in Between the lines draw this and it’s Going to be a lowercase or the small Like that and then you say first you’re Going to trace this that I made then You’re going to make more of them on the Line and then your child will write a Whole line up and then that’ll be the End of the lesson and after that you Might want to note that you have Finished that particular lesson by Awarding a star or some kind of a Sticker and use a chart like this that Has all 100 lessons and then you can Keep track of how many lessons you’ve Covered and sort of neat for the child Also to see how many lessons and where You are [Music]

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