COMPILATION Lesson 1 – 3 / READING PHONICS / Letter Sounds / Practice Reading/ Preschool & Primary

[Music] Reading phonics lesson one Children are you ready to read At Bat bat [Music] Um [Music] Matt Yeah Cat Cat Eh [Music] Hen Hen [Music] Men Eh Pan Pen [Music] E Pig What Is Big [Music] Big [Music] Ah [Music] Pot Ah

[Music] Hot Hot Rat [Music] Oh To Not not [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] Hot [Music] Wait job children Reading phonics lesson two Children are you ready to read Let's begin A Pet Ah [Music] Fat Uh At [Music] Set Set A Bag [Music] Tag Tag Eh

Eh Hag Hag Ah Rag Rag Um Ten Ten Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Um When when Eat [Music] A Set Sit E H Foreign Be it Be it E H E e [Music] Fit [Music] E H Hit

E T Kit Kit [Music] Eat Let A Met Met [Music] E H Piet Piet Ah Du H Oh Log Log Whoop Uh [Music] Bug Uh Hug Hug Oh [Music] Tug [Music] Let's read again Pat Sat

Pat Chat Set [Music] Bag Tag Bag Tag Hag [Music] Then Ten Win Ben 10 When Set Beth Fit Set Bed Bug hug Tug Bug Great job children Waiting phonics lesson three Add [Music] Depend Ah Dad And [Music] Land

Land Ah Add [Music] Mad Sand And [Applause] Dead But Ah Add Bad Eh Jet Jet Hmm Met Hmm E H [Music] Net Eh Eh Bad Pet E E ID Ked A Head Hand

Bib A H Ramp Huh A H [Music] Lip Lip Lip E S e Sip Sip Huh A Her a Rip Rip Huh Oh [Music] Rob Ah Become Ah Foreign Cop D Ah Ta Hmm Ah

Mop Mop Ah Hop Oh Duh Oh Mod Oh Bud Bud Oh Tub Her Ah Rub Great job children Foreign