how to teach baby read 3

How to teach baby read

Early learning program for babies and toddlers.this channel is all about raising an intelligent and smarter baby or toddler and brain development activities using right brain education program

Benefit 1
Expand Knowledge

Benefit 2
Right Brain Activation

Benefit 3
Speed Reading Skills

follow these 11 tips:

1. Begin as young as possible.

2. Be joyous at all times.

3. Teach when you and your child are happy.

4. Respect and trust your child.

5. Introduce new materials often.

6. Create a good learning environment.

7. Stop before your child wants to stop.
8. Do not test your child.

9. Be organized and consistent.

10. Prepare your materials carefully & stay ahead.

11. STOP – If you aren’t having a wonderful time and your child isn’t having a wonderful time.

If you aren’t having a wonderful time & your child isn’t having a wonderful time. STOP

When to start teaching your baby/toddler?
The optimum age to start the right brain program or flashcards for babies and toddlers is 3 months old to 1, 2, 3 year old.

If you want to see more early learning flash cards or tips videos on how to make your baby smart /intelligent, do check out our other videos.

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