How To Teach Reading To Your Child || Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of ‘How to Teach Reading’. This is a five-part series where we will learn the sounds of letters, reading CVC words and improve reading fluency.

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The Kid O Magic Series presents an introduction to reading and different spelling rules in the English Language. It is simple, clear and easy to learn based on the Orton-Gillingham approach.
I have specialized in teaching children reading, spelling and handwriting (USA).
I make videos to teach grammar and spelling rules of the English Language that simplify the process of decoding (reading) and encoding (spelling).

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Dyslexia: One of Many Learning Disabilities

There are many discovering handicaps that children deal with in their life. Dyslexia is typical and kids usually become adults with this discovering special needs. There was a time that is was unknown as well as children experienced it throughout their life.

Understanding The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Education and learning is constantly important. All of it begins with very early childhood education. The value of early childhood education and learning is this is the foundation of every youngster’s discovering.

Proper Child Development Techniques

Kid advancement starts from birth. It is crucial to provide appropriate youngster advancement to every youngster. The very best means to assist with this is being caring and sensitive towards the youngster.

Explaining Autism In Simple Terms

Have you seen some youngsters that look typical but flail hands as well as act a little various? Many of the time, they look literally regular but act a little various than kids their age and unrestrained recurring activities are just one of the very first signs of autism. So what do you really recognize by the term Autism?

Explaining Asperger Syndrome

Have you ever heard of Asperger Syndrome? Well, it is a known neuro-physiologic condition that was accepted formally in 1994 after Austrian doctor Hans Asperger determined it in 1944. Asperger Disorder is ruled out an illness or disease that can be given from one person to an additional.

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