how to teach your child to read faster – teach your child read fast & easy —-lesson 1—-

Pee Wee in a Nutshell – Book Review

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Pee Wee and the Magical Compost Heap – Book Review

The Cat, Green Eggs and Dr Seuss

Grandpa for Sale! – A Children’s Book Pick of the Week From the Writing for Children Center

Girls and Their Dogs – A Children’s Book Pick From the Writing for Children Center

Mine! Mine! Mine! A Children’s Picture Book Pick from The Writing for Children Center

The Ant in the Cellar

Do You Know Where Sea Turtles Go? Children’s Environmental Book Is A Must Read

Lelooni and The Unlikely Flying Object-Textiles to Books

History Written for Children

The Cat in the Hat Quotes

Cheshire Cat Quotes

Slap Happy – Book Review

Bobby Bright’s Greatest Christmas Ever by John R. Brooks: Book Review

The Importance and Value of Books for Children

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