Learn about Nouns: Persons, Places, Animals, Things in Kinder and Primary Education


In the world of education, it is essential for children to grasp the fundamentals of language at an early age. One crucial aspect of language learning is understanding nouns. Nouns are names of persons, places, things, and animals, and they play a vital role in communication. To introduce children to this concept, Read Kids has created an innovative and engaging video that aims to teach young learners about different types of nouns in kinder and primary education.

Nouns: The Cornerstone of Language Learning

The video created by Read Kids dives deep into the world of nouns and presents them in a fun and interactive way. With colorful animations and engaging narration, children are introduced to the fundamental types of nouns: persons, places, animals, and things. The video employs a variety of teaching strategies to ensure effective learning.

Captivating Slides and Visuals

Through carefully designed slides, children are introduced to different examples of nouns. The video presents common nouns and proper nouns, making it easier for young learners to grasp the concept. These visuals help children associate the names of people, places, animals, and objects with their corresponding images, making the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

The Amazing Reading Program

Read Kids goes beyond teaching nouns and offers a comprehensive reading program that aims to improve reading skills in just 12 weeks. With a systematic approach to teaching phonics, sight words, and spelling, the program enables children to enhance their reading skills gradually. By incorporating the concept of nouns into the program, children learn to identify and use nouns effectively in their reading and writing.

Enhancing Drawing Skills with the Drawing Book

Read Kids also offers a Drawing Book that contains 74 tutorials, allowing children to enhance their drawing skills through step-by-step instruction. This book not only fosters creativity but also introduces children to nouns in a visually stimulating manner. By drawing animals, objects, and people, children develop a deeper understanding of nouns and how they relate to the world around them.

Miracle Sound to Soothe Babies

For parents who want their little ones to have a restful sleep, Read Kids has developed the Miracle Sound. This audio resource instantly puts babies to sleep using soothing melodies. While this may not directly relate to the topic of nouns, it showcases the range of educational resources and support Read Kids offers to parents and children.

Unlocking the Potential of YouTube

The video by Read Kids also ventures into the world of YouTube, revealing secrets on how to run profitable channels and make 7 figures. It explores the possibility of making money on YouTube without recording videos, providing free training for those interested. Although this topic may not be directly related to nouns, it highlights the educational resources and information Read Kids offers for a well-rounded learning experience.

Read Kids on Social Media

To stay updated with Read Kids’ latest educational offerings, parents can follow them on Facebook. By doing so, they gain access to a plethora of resources, tips, and updates on their child’s educational journey. It is through this interaction that parents can discover additional resources related to nouns and other aspects of language learning.

Expanding Skills Beyond Nouns

While the focus of the video is primarily on nouns, Read Kids promotes a holistic approach to education. They offer various resources and programs that cover a wide range of subjects, including science, math, and Bible verses. By providing comprehensive educational materials, Read Kids enables children to not only strengthen their language skills but also explore different areas of knowledge.


The video created by Read Kids introduces young learners to the concept of nouns in an engaging and interactive manner. By incorporating captivating visuals, systematic reading programs, drawing tutorials, and other educational resources, they provide a holistic learning experience. As children delve into the world of nouns, they develop crucial language skills that lay the foundation for their future success. With Read Kids, learning about nouns becomes a stimulating adventure.