Learn Basic Reading Skills: Step-by-Step Guide to Reading Day 6 – Letter Sounds with Word-Pictures

Learn Basic Reading Skills: Step-by-Step Guide to Reading Day 6 – Letter Sounds with Word-Pictures

Hey there! Today, I want to talk about an exciting topic that will help you on your reading journey. It’s all about letter sounds and word-pictures. So, let’s dive right in!


When you’re learning to read, recognizing letter sounds is crucial. It helps you decode words and understand their meanings. To make this process fun and engaging, Readkids has come up with a fantastic technique using word-pictures.

Explore long and short vowel sounds

In the English language, we have long and short vowel sounds. These sounds can change the meaning of a word and impact how we pronounce it. Let’s look at some examples:

  • Long vowel sounds: When a vowel says its name, like ‘a’ in ‘cake’ or ‘o’ in ‘go’.
  • Short vowel sounds: When a vowel makes a short sound, like ‘a’ in ‘cat’ or ‘o’ in ‘hot’.

By practicing these sounds with word-pictures, you’ll quickly grasp the differences between them and enhance your reading skills.

Practice reading sentences and alphabets

To strengthen your reading abilities, it’s essential to practice reading sentences and alphabets regularly. You can start by reading simple sentences that contain the sounds you’re learning. This practice will help you become comfortable with letter sounds and build your vocabulary at the same time.

Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the entire alphabet will greatly support your reading journey. Take some time each day to go through the letters and repeat their sounds. This exercise will reinforce your understanding of letter sounds and make reading easier.

Improve reading skills with phonics and sight words

Phonics and sight words are vital tools for improving your reading skills. Phonics focuses on the relationship between letters and sounds, helping you decode words more efficiently. Sight words, on the other hand, are commonly used words that you should know by sight, without needing to sound them out.

Practicing phonics and sight words with word-pictures is an excellent way to make learning more enjoyable. By associating visuals with sounds and words, you’ll strengthen your reading skills and expand your vocabulary effortlessly.

Enhance English reading comprehension and grammar with short stories, science, math, and Bible verses

Reading is not just about decoding words; it’s also about understanding and comprehending the text. To enhance your reading comprehension and grammar skills, it’s beneficial to read short stories, science articles, math problems, and even Bible verses.

The more diverse your reading materials are, the better. It exposes you to different sentence structures, vocabulary, and concepts. Readkids offers a wide range of resources that cater to various interests and subjects, making your learning journey exciting and educational.

So, whether you’re interested in exploring the wonders of the universe or immersing yourself in captivating stories, Readkids has it all.


Learning to read is an adventure, and letter sounds with word-pictures can make it even more enjoyable. With Readkids’ innovative approach, you’ll develop strong reading skills while having fun along the way. Remember to practice regularly, engage with different reading materials, and watch yourself flourish.

Keep reading, keep exploring, and watch the magic of words unfold before your eyes!

NOTE: The text is deliberately set: small letters, incomplete sentences, long spaces.